Ad Grants has increased awareness of our programmes and allowed us to reach markets in which we have no or low physical presence. 

Michael Hubbard -
VP Marketing & Finance (AIESEC)

We received 26,000+ clicks in 6 months resulting in 1195 registrations (4.6% conversion rate).

Michael Hubbard -
VP Marketing & Finance (AIESEC)

This increased visibility has enabled us to share the fact that white tigers are all inbred and suffer severe birth defects.

Carole Baskin -
CEO, Big Cat Rescue

From increased traffic, more donations, and new volunteers, the Google Grants program is instrumental to GO and [has] greatly increased our impact on the ground!

Bartlomiej Skorupa -
Executive Director, Groundwork Opportunities

Google Ad Grants has helped us drive more than 350,000 visitors to our site, bringing an additional $440,000 from more than 5,000 donations.

Kevin Conroy -
Chief Product Officer (GlobalGiving)

Last season we had a significant increase (at least 25%) of volunteer inquiries and we were able to establish working relationships with most of them.

Terry Sibbitts -
Executive Director, Kirkwood Theatre Guild

Google Ad Grants has increased more than 10 times the number of suicidal teens and young adults who are now getting help and finding hope.

Marek Wawrzyniak -
Digital Marketing Manager, Death 2 Life Revolution

Prior to Google Grants coming on board to assist our website we would have averaged maybe 1000 hits a month - when Google came on board immediately we went to 80,000 a month.

Roz Hill,
Founder/Managing Director

We're Official Google Partner!

Google Ad Grants

You are changing the world. We want to help.

There is never enough time, resources or money for you to run your nonprofit. What if we told you there was a program that could increase your advertising budget by as much as HKD $77,000 each month? Free money doesn’t exist, but thanks to Google, free advertising does for your nonprofit.

What is Google Ad Grants?

Free AdWords advertising on Google search result pages.

Google Ad Grants

Google offers Non-profits organizations HKD $77,000 per month to advertise on Google search result page. The program is designed to help Non-Profits extend their public service messages to a broader audience in an effort to make a greater impact on the world.

Google Ad Grants works on a Pay-Per-Click Basis. You use your Ad Grant budget only when your ad is working and bringing traffic to your website.

Google Ad Grants

Your non-profit can use this advertising credit to:

  • Reach & Engage Donors & Supporters
  • Raise Awareness through Ads
  • Recruit Volunteers, Promote Sign ups
  • Promote your Missions & Initiatives
  • Increase Non-Profit’s Website Traffic
  • Reach & Connect People In Need

Armed with these tools and your HKD $77,000 per month in free advertising, there are many ways to create real benefit and growth for your nonprofit.

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Where & How Ads Appear?

Google Ad Grants ads appear on Google search result pages.

Google Ad Grants Ads

How ads appear on Google search

Google Ad Grants Ads typically include four lines of text, including a headline that links to your website. 

You'll use keywords to target your ads, selecting a set of words related to the services you'd like to advertise. Then, when people search on Google using the words or phrases you picked, your text ads can appear alongside or above the search results.

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How do Google Ad Grants Benefit Non-Profits?

More visibility. More donations. More volunteers.

Google Ad Grants Ads

Show up in Google search

The more frequently your ads appear next to Google search results, the more people will be aware of your cause. That can translate into more donations and more volunteers. That’s what comes from sharing your message with the people who are most likely to engage.

Google Ad Grants shows your search ads to people who are searching Google for nonprofits like yours, and helps you reach people who were previously unaware of your cause. You can share your message across the globe, or focus on people near you.

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How does Discovery Ad help?

We are on a mission to empower non-profits to change the world.

Google for Non-profits

1. We submit and monitor your application

  • We set up your Google for Non-Profit account
  • We set up test Adwords campaign for Ad Grants application
  • We submit the Ad Grants application
  • We monitor the application process
  • We respond to all Google inquires and requests
Google Ad Grants - Adwords for nonprofits

2. After Approval, we build and manage your AdWords account

  • We research keywords
  • We set up start set of campaigns, ads & keyword lists
  • We monitor and improve campaigns
  • We provide monthly reports
Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

3. We track online donations, newsletter signups, volunteer registrations, etc

  • We implement Google Analytics
  • We implement Conversion Tracking
  • We assess & improve landing page

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Why work with Discovery Ad?

We maximize the impact of Google Ad Grants

Running a proper Google Ad Grants campaign can be complex, confusing and time consuming. Most organizations don't have the time and expertise to run an effective grants campaign. We are certified Google Adwords specialist and official Google Partner to help you manage the Google Ad Grants campaign. We save your headaches, time and effort.

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