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Mobile Ads

Connect With Your Customers on Mobile and Tablets

Mobile searches are inherently different from desktop or laptop searches. The mindset of mobile searchers is different: they may be on the go, less patient, more task-driven, and closer to the end of their buying journey. They may be especially interested in things like directions, store hours, one-click checkout or mobile apps.

Mobile Paid Search increases your chance of conversion by delivering your mobile specific message directly into the hands of consumers. Customers are given the option of clicking the ad that rings directly to your business or they can click through to your business's website. Consumers are on the go, and your business should keep pace.

Discovery Ad's Mobile Search Solutions

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Today's consumers are relying more and more heavily on their mobile devices. AdWords & Bing PPC have made it easier to target visitors by device (desktop, smartphones and tablets). This flexibility allows for more control over when and how your ads will be displayed and to whom. User behavior may differ from device to device and we now have control over the time of day, spend, ad copy & type of website these visitors see. 

The ability to set parameters that won't interfere with desktop visitors makes a significant difference in your campaign. You can target mobile users during early morning or late afternoon commute, or at lunch. By default, your paid ad campaigns are set to show ads on all devices. This segmented type of strategy is deliberate and dependent on you going in and making that adjustment. 

Some things to consider when creating a mobile search marketing strategy:

  • Create separate mobile campaigns
  • Budget and Bid separately for mobile
  • Create mobile specific ad copy
  • Write mobile calls-to-action
  • Utilize click to call and location extensions
  • Send users to a mobile-optimized landing page

This is where we come in. We know the ins and outs of mobile ads campaigns and take care of that for you. We make sure our customers' mobile tailored ads are appearing when their customers are search on mobile devices.

Mobile Drives Action, Action Drives Results

Mobile drives action. Action drives Results

  • Research a product/service online
  • Click/Interacte with the mobile ads
  • Recommend a product/service to a friend
  • Purchase a product/service online
  • Purchase on smartphones/tablets
Advantages of mobile-specific ad campaigns

Advantages of mobile-specific ad campaigns

  • Higher click-through rate for Mobile search ads
  • Can link directly to mobile-specific landing pages
  • The ability to bid differently
  • Define a separate mobile budget
  • Write mobile-specific ad text
  • Include location extensions

Contact Us today on how we can create a strategy for your company using Mobile Google and Yahoo / Bing PPC!

Responsive Website

Building Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices

Responsive Website

Mobile PPC strategies can be set to show ads on a mobile device without you having a mobile site. We see greater results when a mobile strategy includes a mobile website. If your business doesn't have a mobile-friendly website, we can provide you with one so you can provide the best experience possible for your customers and convert more website visitors to buyers. Learn More