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Content Experiments & A/B Testing

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Viewing your website as an experiment is a key in creating long term success. Many times we are not exactly sure what your audience prefers. With Content Experiments & A/B Testing, we are able to test and deliver the most desirable user experience to your audience. 

Companies who are constantly testing and analyzing their website are able to create more conversions (sales or leads) with the same amount of traffic. Content Experiments & A/B Testing targets user behavior and can make a good website great.

Google Analytics Content Experiments Services

Experiment to Improve Conversion Rates or Metric Value

Google Analytics Content Experiments Services

Discovery Ad employs Google Analytics Content Experiments to test and optimize websites. 

Google Analytics Content Experiments Services

We create experiments that will help:

  • Increase website conversion rate
  • Decrease visitor bounce rate
  • Eliminate guesswork from site design
  • Increase time spent on site
  • Increase visitor satisfaction

If you have a website, you have activities that you want your users to complete (e.g., make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter) and/or metrics that you want to improve (e.g., revenue, session duration, bounce rate). With Google Analytics Content Experiments, you can develop several versions of a page and show different versions to different visitors. Compare how often people visit each page, how long they stay, and how often they convert. The idea is to determine which page the users prefer the most and results in the greatest improvement in conversions or metric value.

Content Experiments & A/B Testing allows website owners to make meaningful decisions based on the measurable results. Eliminate the guesswork from website design and help you decide which page designs, layouts and content are most effective.

Some of the advantages of Content Experiments & A/B Testing in Google Analytics:

  • Takes the guesswork out of determining what your audience is looking for. 
  • Allows you to test any page element on your site including headlines, headers, images, photos, icons, content, text, colors, calls to action, page layout, etc.
  • Create different versions of your web pages, compare how different pages perform using a random sample of your users.
  • Define what percentage of your users are included in the experiment.
  • Choose which objective you’d like to test. You can determine the KPIs to test such as Bounce Rate, Pageviews, Session Duration, Downloads, Form Submissions, etc.
  • Use the findings to apply same principles to additional pages throughout the site.

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